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Inspired by the independent spirit of the American plains, Trask provides beautifully crafted shoes and leather goods to men who appreciate artisanal quality and timeless style. 

Founder Harrison Trask was first inspired to incorporate Bison leather as a material for footwear while he was fly fishing near his home in Montana. Standing knee deep in frigid water, Mr. Trask noticed a large herd of buffalo grazing along the bank. It struck him that he had never heard of anyone using buffalo leather to create a shoe. Shortly thereafter, he founded Trask.

Trask shoes have been described as: rugged, well-made, stylish, pure comfort. Much of this can be attributed to the unique materials that are used in the crafting. Chief among these would be high quality American Bison leather. This durable leather is unique in that it is not only extremely supple, but it wears like iron. In other words, a Trask shoe will not only last, but deliver a level of comfort that few shoes can hope to attain. Due to t
he unique fiber characteristics of the leather and special tanning techniques you will feel the difference the moment you put on a Trask shoe.