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Duck Head Clothing for Men

In 1865, George and Joe O’Bryan, brothers and Civil War veterans, had a pile of surplus U.S. Army tents and an idea: make pants out of the heavy, canvas-like fabric. This heavy canvas material was known as “duck.” The brothers sought to register the name “Duck” as a trademark, but it was rejected due to the common use of the name. Instead, The O’Bryan brothers registered the trademark “Duck Head,” and an icon was born.

The O’Bryan brothers’ manufacturing company was founded in Nashville, Tennessee. The company’s initial run of pants and overalls were so tough yet wearable that word spread and they couldn’t make them fast enough. These canvas work-wear items went on to become clothing staples, and during World War II, Duck Head outfitted more than five million of our brave troops.

For more than a century, the mallard icon and khaki pants have become a lasting symbol of the brand. Duck Head is the epitome of true authenticity, southern sensibility, and the American way of life. Hank Williams helped make them stylish and true southern gentlemen were credited as such when wearing the distinctive Duck Head label.

Today, 150 years later, the original Duck Head brand is back. Stretched, cut, and stitched from timeless, classic pieces, Duck Head continues the tradition of authentic and recognizable American style.

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